When mental health professionals lose it over Trump, everyone gets hurt

Here’s the real question raised by Lee’s statement. When and in what circumstance have you ever in your “career” had occasion to be exposed to any level of “catastrophic violence,” whether it spelled the end of humankind or not? This kind of exaggerated scaremongering is professionally shameful. Moreover, if her claim is to be believed, this would officially make Donald Trump more terrifying than climate change.

Again, the comments of Lee and others like her are not the kind of measured, professional language one uses if they want to convey a principled idea, and have it be heard as credible by the general public, a significant number of whom voted for the President. This is declamatory, partisan, and alienating rhetoric, and it’s very concerning. It would not be at all surprising if Trump supporters were feeling slightly alienated by mental health practitioners actively undermining the President’s mental fitness. There’s very little distance between publicly criticizing the president’s mental state, and calling into question the cognitive abilities of his supporters.

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