Feminism’s mixed #MeToo messages

In order to combat so-called rape culture, feminists focus on fighting for the supposed rights women have to dress however they choose and go wherever they want regardless of risk instead of teaching young women strategies to keep them safer, like traveling in groups and watching their drinks at parties and bars. If Grace didn’t want to have sex with Ansari, going upstairs to his apartment was where the night first went wrong.

The story isn’t just a lesson for Grace and women like her though. Just as Grace should not have gone upstairs to Ansari’s apartment if she didn’t want to engage in intercourse, Ansari and men like him shouldn’t be inviting strange women upstairs who might then blab in a tell-all story about their supposed sexual assault. It’s pretty simple stuff: Don’t go to a guy’s apartment if you think he might sexually assault you, and don’t invite a girl into yours if she may accuse you of assault later. You don’t have to be a prude to acknowledge it’s probably best not to sleep with someone if you require a signed consent in order to do so.

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