Ramirez: The Statue of Bigotry

Ed Morrissey 2014-01-22

Tweet of the day

Allahpundit 2014-01-21

Sunday reflection: John 1:29-34

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About that minimum-wage EO …

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China: 5 Reasons our smog is awesome

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Video: Peter Pan grows up

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Jefferson and the nuns

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“I don’t play requests”

Guy Benson 2014-01-08

McCain: Rodman “is an idiot”

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Greatest headline ever?

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Top 10 Public Education Quotes of 2013

Mike Antonucci 2014-01-06

MSNBC now has a script editor

Ed Morrissey 2014-01-06

Yes, Jay Carney has a beard now

Allahpundit 2014-01-06