Attention, Sen. Reid and friends — the Nashua Telegraph has published a negative personal testimonial from yet another Obamacare “liar.”  Please debunk her Koch-funded lies as soon as possible, lest her fellow citizens begin continue to suspect that your signature law is hurting people. Meet Helen DePrima of Bedford, New Hampshire (a constituent of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen):

We were always happy with our health care coverage. My husband and I have been on the same plan since 1972, when my husband graduated from vet school. We liked our plan and wanted to keep it – it provided us excellent coverage and served our needs perfectly. Not anymore. Thanks to Obamacare, our happy relationship with our health insurance ended in November 2012 after 40 years. That’s when we received notification that our health insurance plan would cease to exist as of Dec. 31, 2013…Now that our original insurance is gone, we have poorer quality supplemental coverage at a higher cost. Some of the prescriptions our previous policy paid for are now “disallowed” – if we want to continue taking them, it’s on our nickel completely. One of my prescriptions cost me twice the amount out-of-pocket than under our old plan. The agent who helped us transition to the replacement plan calculated that we’ll pay more than $10,000 per year…Such are the results of the badly-misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Protecting patients from what? Caring by canceling our insurance and worsening our coverage? And affordable? Hardly! … The whole law – from its name to its effects – is one bad joke. I just wish the punch line was funny.

As Erika noted over the weekend, one influential union has been blasting away at Obamacare, highlighting the fact that the law is adversely impacting its low-to-middle income members.  While the Obama administration wants to reduce income inequality by erecting barriers to job creation, the president’s top domestic ‘achievement’ is exacerbating that very gap among some of his strongest supporters.  Some unions recently received a sweetheart exemption from one of Obamacare’s new taxes, but that perk isn’t enough to offset damage like this:

Angela is far from alone.  A February study from the center-left Brookings Institution determined that Obamacare would reduce incomes among the top 80 percent of American wage earners.  Workers at the very bottom stand to benefit, but everyone else will take a hit — with lower-middle class Americans facing the steepest reductions in take-home pay.  As for the previously uninsured, it’s tough to overstate how devastating last week’s Washington Post bombshell was.  Nine out of ten eligible uninsured Americans haven’t selected plans under Obamacare, with the top reason cited being lack of affordability.  Of those few who have “signed up,” only about half have paid, and are therefore covered.  So we’re looking at roughly five percent of the previously uninsured population that has decided to participate in a $2 trillion law that was ostensibly foisted upon the rest of the public for their benefit.  Therefore, the vast, vast majority of people touted in the White House’s (still significantly inflated) Obamacare “enrollment” figures already had coverage prior to the law’s passage.  Those aren’t “new” enrollees.  They’re people who were uprooted from their previous arrangement because of this law.  More than six million Americans have received cancellation notices due to Obamacare…so far.