A brief follow-up to my recent piece taking a hatchet to Harry Reid’s Obamacare smears.  In spite of the Senate Majority Leader’s tantrums, the roster of devious Koch-funded liars continues to grow.  Unleash the campaign lawyers and Obamacare truthers!

New York, where an ill man was greeted with an unpleasant surprise:

Illinois, where someone needs to tell this woman about Obama’s sweeping individual mandate tax “hardship waivers:

Oklahoma, where a man “lost his insurance and almost his life,” thanks to the new law:


Arkansas, where Wanda learned the hard way not to trust Sen. Mark Pryor:

That ad is being run by Americans for Prosperity, which is partially funded by the Koch brothers. When you hear Reid’s next McCarthyite harangue about the Kochs, bear this question in mind:

Click through for a more complete explanation of the breathtaking hypocrisy at play. And in case you weren’t aware of just how insane the Left’s Koch Derangement Syndrome has gotten, read this.