The last few times we checked in on Sen. Kay Hagan, she was literally running away from Obamacare questions, and being hoisted by her own petard on reflexive partisan loyalty.  As she said of her predecessor, voting with the president 92 percent of the time (or, in Hagan’s case, 96 percent of the time) “doesn’t work here in North Carolina.  Based on a fresh Elon University poll, It would appear that North Carolina voters agree:

The same poll pegs President Obama’s job approval at (39/51); not only is Hagan’s raw approval rating six points lower than Obama’s, her net approval (-15) is worse, too. Obama lost the state in 2012.  Why has the embattled Senator been so evasive of Obamacare questions?  My hunch is that these numbers have something to do with it:

Hagan holds one of the 14 Senate seats Republicans are targeting in November. The GOP needs to net six of them to regain the majority, which some experts see as eminently achievable.