Harry Reid: Liar

Allahpundit described my reaction to Harry Reid’s latest broadsides against truth and decency rather accurately, writing that I was “virtually shaking with rage and disbelief that this tool could say this with a straight face.”  I eventually channeled that anger — and it was genuine anger — into a rapid fire Twitter fact-check of the US Senate’s dishonorable leader.  Reid asserted that “all of” the personal accounts from people who have been harmed by Obamacare “are untrue.”  In short, this known liar unironically and casually smeared millions of Americans, including a number of cancer patients, as liars for daring to notice that Democrats’ unpopular healthcare law was actively hurting them.  With a tip of the hat to our Twitchy cousins for compiling these tweets into a single post, here is a small slice of what the second most powerful Democrat in America sneers at as “untrue” fabrications of the Koch brothers.  Cancer patients whose plans they liked and depended on were canceled under Obamacare, violating the president’s promise and throwing their lives into turmoil:

Those are in addition to the Michigan woman whose story Reid called “absolutely false” in yet another cretinous, mean-spirited lie. Are these sick children, AIDS patients and disabled families doing the Koch’s bidding, too?

Now let’s hear from some decidedly not “rich” Americans whose healthcare costs are spiking thanks to Democrats’ big “affordable” experiment:

And finally, for good measure, let’s review some of the emotional — and actually inaccurate — “success” and sob stories that Democrats have trotted out to try to manipulate public opinion on Obamacare:

Obama wrongly embellishing the details of his own mother’s death is the perfect note on which to end. Conservatives’ anecdotes are fortified by statistics and evidence, too — even though the existence of any negative experiences should theoretically be enough to expose the Left’s mendacious “no trade-offs, no losers, no downsides” sales pitch for their disastrous law. Oh, and the worst betrayals are yet to come for millions of victims-in-waiting. Or as Reid might call them, future liars.