Hot Air Survey: Vice Presidential Results

After a long run at the top, Marco Rubio has been overtaken by Bobby Jindal as Hot Air’s pick for vice president. Allen West came in third, followed by Paul Ryan and Condoleezza Rice. Over 2300 votes were cast:

How likely do readers think it is that Mitt Romney will win? Pretty darn likely, actually, to the tune of about a 73% chance overall.

And with how many electoral votes? The average, mode, and median EV predictions all hover right around 300. That’d be a very big win.

Also, the survey’s demographics have remained remarkably consistent over time; the number of voters over age fifty was roughly the same as the number of voters under fifty, and the gender breakdown was again right about 70-30 men-to-women. That’s all pretty standard for Hot Air surveys.

If you’re interested in mining specific stats (the original post is still live,) message me on Twitter and I’ll try to help you out.

Thanks for participating. These are always fun.