Hot Air Survey Results: Pre-Michigan and Arizona

Rick Santorum continues to lead a field which has tightened a bit since the last survey. Mitt Romney returns to second place, followed by Newt Gingrich, with Ron Paul far behind. The voter landscape is not that different from what we saw Pre-Florida, with Gingrich and Santorum swapping places in a race where the top three have bunched up at the top.

Marco Rubio continues to lead the VP ballot by a wide margin, garnering more support than the next four candidates combined. Also worth noting: Readers, regardless of their own preferred nominee, believe that Romney will win in Michigan, and two-thirds believe he will win in Arizona. A majority also thinks he’ll eventually be the nominee.

Lastly: Lawn Gnome Reagan would decimate SMOD and Celery in a three-way race. That SMOD finished so closely to the green candidate should give SMOD supporters pause. Will their candidate even make it through to the convention, or will SMOD crash and burn long before?

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