Hot Air Snap Survey Results

We have some movement here, but the “why” is subject to some debate. The December survey suggested that Newt Gingrich would gain some Cain votes after Cain got out. That might have played out, but ultimately it was overwhelmed by an influx of Rick Perry voters, who provided their candidate with a bit of a spike. Two things might account for that: 1.) Perry’s supporters were better-organized this round, and 2.) voters got a sneak peak at the survey’s real-time results because I accidentally left that box ticked, meaning motivated groups of voters knew the sort of ground they needed to make up to make things interesting.

All that said, there weren’t that many attempts at double-voting from anybody, so while it’s relevant to note the nuanced differences in the circumstances of this particular survey, I’m quite comfortable that the rules were followed as intended. Will Rick Perry’s stock continue to rise? Only time will tell.

One final table of note, and then the full results: Candidates’ voters, by age.

Full results follow: