Hot Air Presidential Survey Results

For the second survey in a row, Newt Gingrich leads the pack with nearly 50% of the vote. Rick Perry has moved back into second place, coming in just ahead of Mitt Romney, who finishes third. Herman Cain has dropped from second place to fourth — this after Cain led the survey only four weeks ago. Rick Santorum surges into fifth, nearly quadrupling his vote total from two weeks ago. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann round out the main group.

Over 7500 ballots were cast this round. The graph to date is below.

Jumping into the internals a bit, who do Cain voters say they’ll vote for if their candidate gets out? The top single vote getter turns out to be Gingrich. Top 5 are below.

And if Gingrich runs into trouble? Well, in terms of second picks that benefits…

One last chart that I think’s worth noting and I’ll get to the rest of the results. I was asked on Twitter several times yesterday why I included Palin in a survey question, now that she’s out. This is why:

Palin is still a player in this race especially among the grassroots, and so speculation about what Palin’s kind words mean for Santorum shouldn’t be taken lightly. Results follow:

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