Hot Air Snap Survey Results

Over 5000 readers voted. Herman Cain continues to hold the lead, although he’s slid a little in the last couple of weeks. Rick Perry is still in second, but losing ground rapidly to Newt Gingrich. When Gingrich rose from 2.5% to 5% between the last two polls, I knew something was up, and suddenly he’s Hot Air’s #3 pick for President.  Mitt Romney takes fourth, and Ron Paul takes fifth. Rick Santorum has moved ahead of Michele Bachmann into sixth. At the beginning of this month Santorum was at less than 1%, by mid-month he’d risen to 2%, and in this survey he’s at 3%. We’ll see if that trend continues.

Full results below. I’ve removed candidates from the line graph who are no longer running so that the overall trends of those who remain are easier to see. Questions? You can reach me here.