Candidate Approval Ratings: How would you rate the Republican field?

A couple quick notes:

The purpose of this survey isn’t so much to find out how supporters feel about their own candidates — as our Presidential surveys attest, “supporters” naturally give their candidates the highest marks — as it is to find out how Hot Air readers feel about the other candidates in the field, should any of those candidates become the nominee. My follow-up post will ultimately focus on the latter dynamic, not the former.

Also, we’re going for the most-accurate picture of your candidate leanings, so for our purposes, a score of “1” is the equivalent of a baby-eating communist. A score of “7” is the equivalent of the second coming of Reagan and/or Jesus Himself. If you’re only scoring candidates as 1s or 7s, you’re probably doing it wrong. Please keep this all in mind as you score everyone.

Same rules as always: don’t double vote.

Addendum: I’m noticing in the early ballots that some voters are rating their preferred Presidential candidate below other candidates. If you’re going to do that, please explain why in the comment box.