The Sinister Soros-ACORN Connections You Aren't Supposed to Notice

A 2004 article from the UK’s The Independent noted the inevitable passing of the torch that occurs when businesses and large sums of money are at stake.

George Soros, the 74-year-old billionaire investor and philanthropist, has promoted his two sons, Robert and Jonathan, to senior positions within his fund management business, signalling his desire to put succession plans in place.

A memo sent to investors in the company, which has $12.8bn under management, said Robert Soros, 41, had been named chief investment officer, and Jonathan Soros, 34, had been appointed as co-deputy chairman of Soros Fund Management.

Before the Tea Party movement and Glenn Beck, students earning “liberal arts” degrees across the country would hear their professor joke that according to the Right, George Soros was behind every liberal conspiracy out there. However, most Americans have only recently become aware of the man that is Soros.

Glenn Beck’s expose on George Soros was met with horror and stinging attacks from the radical Left. Insiders understand that like most socialist plans, it’s best to fly below the radar. Glenn Beck’s big spotlight on Soros is troubling because of the powerful Washington political insiders that surround Soros and his ventures.

Essentially, the entire leftist wing of the Democrat party, including the President can be tied to George Soros in some way.

In 2004, at the height of the anti-Bush rhetoric being pushed by the Soros funded Move, Soros transferred some power to his two sons Robert and Jonathan. The elder Soros, a Holocaust survivor, has always been careful to leave few fingerprints on his endless quests for power. Two vehicles for amassing power and “fundamentally transforming” America are his foundation, the Open Society Institute which funds a myriad of liberal causes, and the Democracy Alliance, which serves as a donor advised fund for all types of socialist endeavors.

However, the  younger, and less cautious Jonathan Soros seems eager to follow in his father’s footsteps and get his hands dirty along the way.

In 2004, Jonathan Soros was already serving as a board member of the highly controversial group, America Coming Together.

America Coming Together (ACT) organized theDemocratic Party‘s Government Union wing, which is represented by such leftist labor unions as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and AFSCME.

ACT was one of the 33 “progressive” member organizations constituting the  America Votes coalition. It was also a member group of the so-called Democrat Shadow Party, a nationwide network of non-profit activist groups pursuing leftist agendas and campaigning aggressively for Democrat political candidates.”

As this reporter noted in December of 2008, evidence indicates that ACORN insiders and the Soros money machine had their own nefarious reasons for forming these groups.

America Votes Overview Notes 04/06/06

Started in 2003 by Rosenthal, EMILY’s list, SEIU, big money funders, etc. decided to do field work, a huge non-party political field operation designed to take back White House in 2004. Which failed. ACT was part of this grouping or money and organizations and perhaps the best known. Partially a product of McCain-Feingold….

Post 2004, ACT disbanded in summer 2005. AV [America Votes] was needed and valuable. SEIU, Soros, and Dem Alliance invested in AV as one key element of progressive electoral work. AV has more resources, still a table of 30 major progressive political orgs, including ACORN (choice, enviros, labor, community). ….

Political Money rules:

  • We prefer that political money go to us in the form of a vendor, which would be CSI [Obama made payments to this group as well], our for-profit business, which doesn’t have to report the cash because it’s a business, like the phone company…
  • Three questions: What are rules for raising and spending, what are coordination rules/affiliation rules, what are content rules.Hard money can say anything to anybody. Hard money is money that is raised under the state or federal campaign limits [Think Obama’s small donors].

Discover the Networks goes on to note that:

“ACT used intrusive, high-pressure tactics to register and mobilize such voters, both by phone and by door-to-door canvassing. Not only did its canvassers register voters, but they compiled extensive personal dossiers on the latter — including such private information as their drivers’ license numbers and social security numbers — information which could be retrieved on demand through the canvassers’ hand-held Palm Pilots.

On June 23, 2004, the Associated Press revealed that an undetermined number of ACT’s full time canvassers were felons, convicted for crimes ranging from drug dealing to burglary, assault, and sex offenses.

In August 2007, reported that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was fining ACT some $775,000 for having used unregulated soft money to help John Kerry and other Democratic candidates in 2004. The FEC determined that most of the $137 million ACT had raised for its get-out-the-vote effort that year, was derived from contributions that violated federal limits. The settlement was the third largest enforcement penalty in the FEC’s 33-yearhistory.”

Typical ACORN shenanigans. However, instead of being a step removed as just another funder, Jonathan Soros was at the time not only a board member but a “colleague” and friend of ACORN’s  Zach Polett. Similar to ACORN playing dead to avoid prosecution, amazingly neither Polett or Soros were around when ACT headed towards trouble with federal investigators.

In June of 2005, then ACORN Political Director and Project Vote Executive Director, Zach Polett, released  the outline for a five year business planfor ACORN.

“Both to focus the strategic thinking of our political work and to put ourselves in position to attempt to raise the funds to support an ambitious, multi-year political program that grows out of ACORN’s base and strengths, I believe we need a serious, well-argued business plan.On the fundraising side, places we will want to share this business plan include ‘the millionaires club’ (Democracy Alliance),the billionaires (Sandlers’, Soros, etc.), friends and opinion leaders in the voter engagement world (e.g., Frank Smith, John Podesta), SEIU, the voter participation foundations, etc.”

One could infer that Polett was referring to George Soros and the Open Society Institute but unaltered evidence related to an internal ACORN meeting quotes ZachPolett as saying:

“Meeting with Jeff Robinson of N2N to see if he can work with us and Jonathan Soros for big cash regarding business plan.”

Given the advanced age of the elder Soros, it appears that America has much to worry about in dealing with his brazen and well financed sons. Jonathan Soros even went to far as to pen an op-ed for the New York Times, taking up one of the favorite issues of ACORN’s Project Vote. In typical Times fashion, they provided just enough cover to offer a sense of legitimacy. 

“On October 30, a column entitled ‘Vote Early, Count Often‘ was published on the Times op-ed page.  The author, Jonathan Soros, was identified to be, ‘…a lawyer and the president of an investment firm.’ Which is true, but misleadingly incomplete.

Mr. Soros is, of course, the son of antiwar, anti-Bush activist George Soros, and the president of his father’s investment firm.  And much more…

According to MoneyLine, Jonathan Soros gave $250,000 to America Votes in 2004 and the same amount again in 2007.  He has also contributed at least $55,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. And then there’s his funding of’s activities..

Given the Times’ not-so-proud history with, shouldn’t it have added something to Soros’s byline to at least inform its readers of his close connection to the organization that created and paid for the “Petraeus-Betray Us” ad?  The fact that it did not indicates that the Times’ editors and publisher have learned nothing from that experience.”

What’s next for America with the Soros family on the loose? Well, according to the Roosevelt Institute, Jonathan Soros fully intends to follow in his father’s footsteps:

“Jonathan Soros is Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute where he explores the role of corporations in society…In addition, he is exploring the the emerging field of of social investment and the ways in which it mobilizes for-profit organziations for the production of public goods.Finally, Mr. Soros is working together with Bo Cutter on the Next American Economy project, which among other topics will test the role of the private sector as a deliberate agent of change in American economic life over the next twenty-five years.”

A part two is needed just to discuss the dangers of Jonathan Soros working with Bo Cutter (W. Bowman Cutter).  Cutter worked with President Carter and was a former senior economic policy advisor in the Clinton administration. Most recently, Cuter served as leader of the OMB transition team for President Obama.

Like many of Jonathan Soros’s friends, Cutter, of course, also has a connection with George Soros and even ACORN. Cutter works with the Podesta group, a group run by Tony Pedesta. Tony is the brother of Obama Transition team member John Podesta, who also runs the Soros funded Center for American Progress. And who is a current fellow at the Center for American Progress? None other than former ACORN national director, Steve Kest.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE APPEALING NAMES USED AS TOOLS IN THE PURSUIT OF POWER AND “FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION”! With Sorosfunding, so called media outlets like Media Matters paint criminal enterprises like ACORN as harmless activist groups, while the liberal elite sit back and plot the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist society in substance but not name.

On Election Day 2010 ACORN filed for liquidation in bankruptcy, apparently to discourage real investigation by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives when the next Congress convenes. But the truth has not changed or become less relevant and the key players who controlled radical organizations like ACORN and SEIU remain well positioned to pursue their stealth socialist agenda. The ACORN name effectively was retired, because it became politically toxic despite the liberal media establishment led by The New York Times. But the ACORN agenda remains the same and is being pursued under other names not yet deservedly toxic. And the man ACORN and SEIU wanted to put in the White House in 2009 is still there, working on being cleverly re-elected instead of carefully inspected and continuing to do all he can to effect the “fundamental transformation” as fast as he can, be it by appoinment, legislation, executive order or regulation, while trying not to seem too radical to be re-elected.

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