Obama's weekly radio address: Do as I say, not as I do

Taking time out of his hectic vacation schedule, President Obama used his weekly radio address to chide Senate Republicans for their clandestine use of a…constitutionally-afforded right to challenge legislation.

Regarding the filibuster of the unemployment benefits extension bill, Obama said:

“But again and again, the partisan minority in the Senate said no.  They used procedural tactics to block an up or down vote.” (Emphasis mine.)

Curious, isn’t it?  Obama decries Republican use of “procedural tactics” as evasive obstructionism, yet just last week he used his own “procedural tactic” to slip in his 18th recess appointment, Donald Berwick.

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) delivered the Republican weekly address, targeting Obama’s avoidance of confirmation hearings for his latest controversial appointee:
So, let’s review.  Republicans employing a standard Congressional tool to force debate or stall a vote on new legislation = Bad.  Obama appointing another czar by employing an executive privilege to avoid debate and evade a vote = Perfectly kosher; what the hell is your problem you partisan hacks?

Know the rules.