New Live Action video uncovers more manipulative counseling at Planned Parenthood

Live Action has debuted their second video in The Rosa Acuna Project, designed to show how Planned Parenthood uses manipulative counseling and lies to push teenage girls into getting abortions. This video, which takes place in Milwaukee, WI, is horrifying.

The lies told by the counselor are flagrant and and reprehensible. A girl goes in wanting to get information and is given nothing but lies. And why? Because the Planned Parenthood counselor isn’t a counselor at all, but a salesperson with goods to sell. And those goods are the murders of unborn children, even if it is at the expense of a frightened, confused young girl looking to find help.

The counselor was told that the teen was between six and eight weeks pregnant. When asked if there is a baby, she is told that there is only “fetal matter… no arms, no legs, no heart, no head, no brains”. This is a blatant lie.

At six weeks, there is already a heartbeat and a head. Muscles and skeletal structure are beginning to form. At seven weeks, the arms and legs are beginning to form, and both hemispheres of the brain have become more developed. At eight weeks, the baby has fingers and toes. Nerve cells in the brain are starting to branch out and connect with each other.

But according to the Planned Parenthood counselor, all of this is non-existent. All that exists is “fetal matter”.

The counselor even goes so far as to try to talk the teen out of adoption, calling all of the aborted children “burdens”. The counselor clearly was making the case that, if not for abortion, we would have millions of unwanted children, presumably with no homes. Of course, as Live Action points out in the video, there are far more couples seeking babies to adopt than children who actually get adopted.

Like I said, Planned Parenthood doesn’t have counselors. They have salespeople. Notice how this woman uses a technique you might recognize if you’ve ever bought a vehicle from a dealership, ever. It’s the “buy it now, because this offer won’t be available tomorrow!” technique. The salesperson tries to rush you into doing it right away, because they know you’re less likely to make the deal if you wait until later. It’s awful when you consider that this is someone who is supposed to be helping girls make the best decision for them. They’re going to Planned Parenthood scared, confused, angry maybe… and they’re being manipulated and taken advantage of. Planned Parenthood receives millions in taxpayer funding, and yet they still operate on an abortion-first basis out of greed and bloodlust.

This is not only unethical. It’s illegal. As Live Action points out,

Wisconsin law requires women to receive medically accurate information before obtaining an abortion. The America Medical Association indicates in its Code of Ethics that “the physician’s obligation is to present the medical facts accurately to the patient.”

Lila Rose, UCLA student and president of Live Action, says the new footage further confirms the deceptive and manipulative practices of Planned Parenthood: “Planned Parenthood has an abortion-first mentality that is driven both by ideology and the desire for money,” says Rose. “Since women will often choose against abortion if they learn the scientific facts about the unborn child inside the womb, Planned Parenthood distorts basic facts in an attempt to perform more abortions.”

And this isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has shown a fondness towards breaking the law. Just last February they were caught in another of Live Action’s undercover stings covering up the sexual abuse of a minor.

I say this every time Live Action comes out with another of their undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood. This is an evil organization. They manipulate young girls, they peddle in eugenics, they cover up the sexual abuse of minors, and they do it all for blood and money, and all with taxpayer subsidies. Thank God for the work of Live Action and Lila Rose, for uncovering the evil and wickedness of this bloodthirsty organization.

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