Ghouls Preparing To Dance on Sparkman's Grave

We do not know how or why Bill Sparkman — a part time Census worker — was killed in Kentucky. Let me repeat this, since this is the internet and lower case lettering does not carry any meaning: WE DO NOT KNOW HOW OR WHY BILL SPARKMAN WAS KILLED.

There are speculative reports, sometimes conflicting. But that has not stopped the left-wing internet ghouls from seeking to exploit Sparkman’s death for political purposes, turning his part-time Census status into the reason for his killing and creating a cause célèbre out of thin air.

Think Progress, which never met a fact it couldn’t twist, blames Michelle Bachmann’s expressions of concerns over the intrusive nature of the Census for the death. Steve Benen at Washington Monthly spreads the blame around to Bachmann, Glenn Beck and Neil Boortz. While acknowledging that there is no real proof of anything, Benen ends with the transparently false hope “that their reckless and irresponsible rhetoric did not have deadly consequences.”

Andrew Sullivan cites “Southern populist terrorism, whipped up by the GOP and its Fox and talk radio cohorts” as the most likely culprit. MyDD uses the death to demand that “Conservatives must stop demonizing the census.” A blogger at Crooks and Liars runs with the theme, arguing that the death is the inevitable result of Census “facts” being “scary things to those wingnuts.” Richard Benjamin at Huffington Post, while acknowledging that it is just as likely Sparkman stumbled onto a meth lab as it is that he was killed by anti-government elements, nonetheless uses the death to “highlight the precarious struggles of the white working class and the brewing storm surrounding the 2010 Census.”

The Moderate Voice is not always so moderate, but I think they have it right: The left-wing bloggers are acting like ghouls preparing end-zone dances. Indeed, despite their words to the contrary, the left-wing blogs would love nothing more than for Sparkman to have been killed by someone who didn’t want to answer the Census, so they could do their political victory dance.

This is becoming a pattern. Left-wing politicians and blogs appear to be hoping for an act of right-wing violence so that they can justify their attacks on ordinary citizens who are against the overly intrusive and destructive Democratic policies. The problem is, right-wing extremists have not obliged, fortunately. So in the absence of right-wing death squads, the left-wing agitators invent facts and events to fit their narrative.

So here’s my moderate voice on the subject: You are a bunch of ghouls who would love to do nothing more than perform a political dance on the grave of poor Bill Sparkman, about whom you really don’t give a damn.

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