New video from STL town hall beating

The hits just keep on comin’. Literally.

I’ll pass along the details of who the camerawoman was, who her batterer was, and what has happened since when I get them. In the meantime, Jim Hoft and others are covering the protest held in support of Kenneth Gladney outside the SEIU office.

As the image below suggests, you can bet on it: this is not over. Click the photo for more of Josh Schroeder’s Gladney rally photos.

Update: Evidence from the original video suggests that the culprit was, in fact, arrested at the scene. Just press play: Two minutes in:

I’m having trouble finding a list of names arrested that night. Please contact me if you know where one is, and we should be able to deduce a name.

Update: Arrest confirmed. Still looking for a name.

— One woman was arrested for misdemeanor assault and destruction of property for allegedly pushing another woman who was recording the events on her cell phone, then grabbing the phone and breaking it.