Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program, Uncovered by Democrats

If Democrats make the case, it must be true:

In testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that was largely ignored by the media, the legendary Manhattan District Attorney [Robert Morgenthau] opened a window on how Iran is secretly obtaining the ingredients for an arsenal of mass destruction. Mr. Morgenthau, whose recent cases have exposed illicit Iranian finance and procurement networks, has discovered what he calls “Iran’s shopping list for materials related to weapons of mass destruction.” They add up to “literally thousands of records.”

The list included 400 sophisticated gyroscopes and 600 accelerometers, necessary for developing accurate long-range missiles. But wait, there’s more:

Mr. Morgenthau also noted that the material shipped by LIMMT “included 15,000 kilograms of a specialized aluminum alloy used almost exclusively in long-range missile production; 1,700 kilograms of graphite cylinders used for banned electrical discharge machines which are used in converting uranium; more than 30,000 kilograms of tungsten-copper plates; 200 pieces of tungsten-copper alloy hollow cylinders, all used for missiles; 19,000 kilograms of tungsten metal powder, and 24,500 kilograms of maraging steel rods . . . especially hardened steel suitable for long-range missiles.”

Lest anyone think that these materials may have innocent uses, Mr. Morgenthau added that “we have consulted with top experts in the field from MIT and from private industry and from the CIA… Frankly, some of the people we’ve consulted are shocked by the sophistication of the equipment they’re buying.”

Iran was also buying a rare metal used in the IEDs killing US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, a staff report for the Foreign Relations Committee (chaired by the not-so-right-wing John F. Kerry), notes that Iran “could produce enough weapons-grade material for a bomb within six months.”

Given the record compiled by his fellow Democrats, it seems rather odd that Pres. Obama plans on spending six months assessing whether his diplomatic effort is “moving in the right direction.” After all, Obama recently reaffirmed that he would like a nuke-free world and acknowledges that Iran’s intransigence threatens to set off a Mideast arms race.

As John Hannah recounted in yesterday’s Washington Post, “[s]uccessful denuclearization of hostile states is most likely to occur as a result of regime change, coercive diplomacy or military action, not U.S. pledges of mutual respect.” As someone familiar with the Chicago Way, Obama should understand that you can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.

The president is trying to vote “present” on this issue, but he looks to be missing in inaction.