Behold the phony soldiers epidemic

It’s not just Jesse MacBeth and the other assorted clowns who’ve popped up to sneak a little bit of Winter Soldier action for themselves. Influence Peddler has the scoop: The phony soldier phenomenon is so widespread that Congress has taken action to stop it. Some of them claim soldier status to get headlines denouncing the war; most are just in it for the VA money.

Justice Department officials in Washington state detailed Porter’s story, along with seven other people accused of — or already convicted of — being military frauds, during a news conference Friday on VA fakers.

“We take it seriously because this money is meant for veterans, not for fakers,” James O’Neill, assistant inspector general for the VA’s office of investigations, told Military Times.

“Every dollar that’s lost to a faker is one more dollar that can’t be spent on a veteran,” said O’Neill, whose office is responsible for rooting out those who defraud VA.

The IP has quite a bit more, including links to an entire website devoted to tracking phony soldiers. So it would seem that Rush was on terra firma when he talked about phony soldiers the other day.

Longtime Hot Air readers already knew that, of course. Perhaps Media Matters readers are finally learning about it.