Why FISA needs to be updated or scrapped

The domestic wiretap law should not get in the way of our ability to monitor terrorists who are abducting US soldiers in Iraq, right? Hopefully we can all agree on that much.

Well, FISA regulations and restrictions got right in the way even though none of the terrorists who were being monitored were ever in the US at all. Click to play and learn why.

More: Ace tipped us to this story and has a solid run-down of it.

Confronted with the bad outcomes caused by their ridiculous laws, Democrats always seem to argue, basically, that people should ignore the law when necessary. They insinuated that when the DoJ determined it did not have legal cause to examine Zaccharias Moussaui’s laptop without a warrant, for example: They should have just had the foresight to know they should ignore the law and search for 9/11 plots on that laptop.

That’s also essentially McCain’s view on torture. It’s an abdication of responsibility on the part of the political class, McCain included, since they know good and well that any operative who actually does ignore the law in the emergency situation will be public fried afterward. That person’s career will be over even though they may have saved lives, and even though they acted in a way that the politicians have publicly stated ought to be done. None of that will matter when the screaming starts, though.

Update: This won’t probably surprise anyone, but the ACLU is fighting to water down the FISA laws even more.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET