A Truther finds the real truth

By way of Daimnation, here’s now ex-Truther Mike Metzger explaining why he has left the 9-11 Truther brigades.

I was a true believer of all this controlled demolition nonsense for a time. I never cared about the physics or the claims of pseudo-“experts.” What always did it for me was the fact that there was never a decent response to any of these questions by the government. Even the hit pieces you’d see on 9/11 were always personal attacks. The mainstream never contested the actual “facts” movies like Loose Change presented.

Or so it seemed. After watching Screw Loose Change, I delved into the world of 9/11 Truth debunking. Among my favorites are the Screw Loose Change Blog and 9/11 Myths Finally, someone was answered all these pertinent questions with something that was a bit foreign to me… facts agreed upon by the experts.

There are no facts in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Just a lot of theories, which eventually break down to “hey, we’re just asking questions” if someone questions the validity of such. No structural, civil, or any engineers agree with the truthers. Yet, most of my friends will try to explain the hard physics involved in structural collapses. None of these people are engineers, physicists, or even in a scientific field, for that matter. Someone’s supposed to take their word over an expert’s?

Read the whole, destructive, brilliant thing. He slams the Truther notion that FDNY firefighters could be involved and pretty much makes hash of the whole movement. Facts can reach even the most ardent Truthers, if those Truthers have any honesty about them at all (so no, there’s really no hope for Rosie O or Alex Jones). It’s clear that Mike Metzger in an honest man who has realized he made an error and wants to correct it.

Now, I happen to think that there are signs here and there that others within the core of the Truth movement are having second thoughts. Or, at the very least, that they realize that they’re losing ground on the factual arguments.

I’ve been saving this clip for a while now. It’s from the History Channel’s 9-11 Conspiracy Theories: Fact or Fiction documentary that aired a while back. In this clip, pay attention to what the Loose Change producers are really saying about two of their core Truther theories.

The Loose Change boys have given up on the faked cell phone calls theory and the controlled demolition of the WTC 1 & 2 theory. Those are two rather significant theories to just quietly give up on. They’re tacitly acknowledging that they have lost the debate on those two points and that the experts have won, so they are now switching to theories that haven’t been debunked as thoroughly. How long before division over interpretation or how much to emphasize one theory over another splits these boys up like the Palestinian factions in The Life of Brian?