Video: Jon Stewart fawns all over Bolivia's Evo Morales

For some perspective on why it matters, we turn to See-Dubya:

I won’t pretend that Evo is a dictator to the degree of Chavez or Ahmedinejad, but he’s good buddies with the former and his pro-coca candidacy was subsidized by Libya. He’s a socialist and a nationalist and also he has staffed the government with his fellow loonball bat-crap crazy-go-nuts types merrily driving the country into Oblivia.

Yeah, amazing Horatio Alger story, Stewart. Fire up rioting crowds of farmers and miners with chicha and singani and get them to shut down the capital city and pretty much all commerce all over the impoverished nation. Hold it hostage long enough, and they surrender and put this wacko in charge.

Read the rest. It’s as enlightening as it is entertaining if you’re not familiar with Morales. Now, here’s the video. Note that the audience applauds at the list of Morales’ accomplishments, which sound like they could have been proposed by Gus Hall. Do Americans really think that nationalizing industries, i.e. government confiscating private wealth and property, is a good thing? Stewart’s audience apparently does.