The DREAM is still alive...and we need to kill it

We thought that we’d killed it last year, but it came back to life a few months ago. So we killed it. Well, that’s what we thought anyway.

Shamnesty must be powered by some wicked voodoo. It has risen from the grave again, like the zombies in Night of the Living Dead. Michelle has all the details.

Yesterday morning, I gave out Senate phone numbers and reiterated my warning from last week about the coming scheme by open-borders politicians in both aisles to slip the DREAM Act into the Department of Defense authorization bill (H.R. 1585)…

Fire up your phone lines. According to Numbers USA, “the senators noted below voted NO on the Comprehensive Amnesty in June, but have not yet pledged to vote NO on the DREAM Act amnesty. Phone them by contacting the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121.”

She also has lists of which senators (only 18 of them) have committed to vote against the stealth shamnesty and which ones need some persuading. It’s disgusting that the DREAM Act has been tied to a Defense spending bill. But we are talking about Washington here, a town that specializes in disgusting.