Hot Air TV: Rep. Jack Murtha confronted about Haditha accusations Updated

We’ve just obtained video of Rep. Jack Murtha being directly confronted over repeatedly accusing the Haditha Marines of murdering Iraqis “in cold blood.” I’m editing and processing it now, so we should have it online before too long. Stand by.

Update: Here it is. The man confronting Murtha is Jason Mattera, of the Young America’s Foundation. You may remember Jason for his eloquent statement regarding CAIR’s attempt to silence Robert Spencer.

Update (AP): No member of the mainstream press was willing to put the question directly to Murtha at his National Press Club press conference so a blast from the blogosphere’s past had to do it for them. Via Gateway Pundit, Jeff Gannon endears himself to the left anew:

JEFF GANNON: In May 2006, you said that Marines killed innocent Iraqis citizens in cold blood at Hatitha. A year later, some of them have been exonerated. At some point are you going to apologize to these men?

REP. MURTHA: The trial’s not over yet.

JEFF GANNON: You’ve spoken out before. You went on national television and called these men “cold blooded killers.”

REP. MURTHA: The trial’s not over yet.

The Hill adds the irresistible detail that his face was “reddening” as he said it. Gannon did succeed in getting Murtha to make an uncomfortable admission on another subject but he deserves some traffic for this, so follow the link to find out what.

Comment of the day:

It looked to me as though Mr. Murtha, under heavy questioning, redeployed to the elevator.

Blaise on September 18, 2007 at 4:23 PM

Update (AP): Don’t look now but the charges against another Marine just got dropped.