Police tell Swedish cartoonist that he's not safe at home

Lars Vilks should have told Jesus to “suck it.” It would have been a good career move. Instead, he had to show actual courage, and is now a hunted man.

A Swedish artist threatened with death over his drawing of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad has been told by police he is no longer safe living at home.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, offered up to $150,000 on Saturday for the murder of artist Lars Vilks for drawing the head of the Prophet on the body of a dog.

“I can’t live here,” Vilks told Reuters by phone. “SAPO (Sweden’s security service) have judged that it (the threat) is very serious.”

The newspaper editor, Volvo, Ericsson and Ikea are also threatened, because the newspaper published the cartoon and the corporations place ads in it. Ikea may be uniquely suited to respond with some instructional cartoons of its own, if it chooses to.

I’ve asked this question before, but it seems like a good idea to ask it again: Is the world becoming more like the West, or more like Saudi Arabia? The answer tells us how we’re doing in the war.

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