The Hillraisers: Another day, another fugitive

His name is Abdul Rehman Jinnah, 56, originally from Pakistan. He allegedly funneled loads of money to the Clinton campaign, stood accused of same, and fled to Pakistan. In May, he surrendered to the FBI, flew back to the US to answer the charges against him, and collapsed in court.

Gateway Pundit has the Wanted poster that the FBI released on Jinnah last year. Rantburg has the original LA Times article about Jinnah’s flight. Michelle has a few more details about the case.

I have a few questions: Who else has been illegally donating to the Clinton campaign machine? In two days we’ve learned of two illegal contributors who went on the lam. Yesterday’s miscreant, Norman Hsu, wasn’t just an illegal Hillraiser himself: The available evidence suggests that he was using the Paw family as a conduit to pass his own money through, on the way to the campaign coffers of scores of Democrats. The Clinton campaign, along with all the other Democrats who have been connected to Hsu, have promised to return all the money they received from him. What about the Paws’ money? And are there any other shells out there whom Hsu used to illegally contribute to Clinton or any other Democrats? And where did all the money that Hsu was bundling for the Clinton and other campaigns come from in the first place?

And are there any other fugitives who’ve made their way onto the mighty Hillraiser list? Does the Clinton campaign vet its donors for legality before or after they get caught contributing illegally?

Update: Stop the ACLU has a very useful timeline on the Peter Paul affair. The allegation at the base of that affair is that Hillary Clinton flagrantly violated campaign finance law by filing false FEC reports, and thereby committed a felony.