Dingy Harry: Congress is unpopular because Bush is a poopiehead

More or less.

Bill Press interviewed Sen. Harry Reid on the Ed Schultz show on August 23.

PRESS: Senator, I’m sure you were disheartened to see yesterday the Gallup organization came out with a new poll that showed that currently today the Congress holds an approval rating among the American people of an all-time low of 18%. Uh, how do you deal with that?

REID: Of course I’m disappointed in that, but if you go back to before they started doing polling, Will Rogers made a living criticizing Congress. Congress has always been criticized and as well it should be; the American people express their frustration through how Congress is doing. But if you go back historically, you’ll always find that when you have a president that is so terribly unpopular, it also affects Congress…

Riiight. But Bush’s approval rating is at 33%, while congress’ is at 18%. If there was a direct correlation between the two, and to the extent that the American voter supposedly sees the Democrat congress as the great check against Bush, shouldn’t its approval rating be at least as high as his?

Interestingly, Reid’s own national approval rating stands at a whopping 19%. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating is a little better, at around 30-34% depending on which story you read, but her misadventures with Jack Murtha and Alcee Hastings after promising the most ethical congress evah and the ill-conceived trip to Syria can’t have done much to burnish her image.

And it certainly doesn’t help to find out things like the fact that the incoming Democrat chair of the House Intelligence Committee doesn’t know the difference between a Shia and a Sunni.

Congress is in the tank because of its own actions, and because the Democrat leadership is acting like November was a mandate for surrendercrat, leftwing rule.