UK FOM: Let's give up our UN seat

UK Foreign Office Minister Mark Malloch-Brown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Soros International (there’s more than one link in that phrase), said prior to his becoming FM that the UK ought to cede its seat on the UNSC to the European Union:

Last October, when Lord Malloch-Brown was the UN’s deputy secretary general, he told EU diplomats in Brussels that the EU was heading towards one single seat within the UN institutions. “I think it will go in stages. We are going to see a growing spread of it institution by institution,” he was reported as saying.

Lord Malloch-Brown said he hoped it would happen “as quickly as possible. I’m a huge fan of it.”

PM Gordon Brown says there’s no move afoot to give up the UK seat, but of course there actually is an incremental move to cede UK foreign policy to the EU, without anything as messy as democracy getting in the way.

Lord Malloch-Brown is an interesting and very influential creature, a transnational progressive of the first order who can be seen on the world stage here and there, taking turns at bat for the Soros set, papering over massive corruption at the UN and causing and exploiting policy differences between the transnational left and the US.

And here he is, quoted wanting to end the UK’s relevance in the world by ceding authority to the anonymous technocrats at the EU. When that happens, Soros gains and the US loses.

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