Video: Gold Star women confront Code Pinkos

From now until the end of time, in every single conflict in which the US finds itself a combatant, we will have to confront the udder lunacy of the left (*nsfw). If they don’t see the evil inherent in the actions of the terrorists and insurgents our troops are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, they never will see any evil other than what they imagine to reside in Washington. And rest assured, they never, ever will see any other evil. Their imaginations are much more vivid than reality.

But confronting them is a worthwhile endeavor. They ought not get away with chipping away at the nation’s morale unchallenged. They ought not get away with oversimplifying the choices facing the nation, and they ought not get away with denigrating the troops as “children” when they are in fact adults who have volunteered for the cause in which they are fighting and dying. These protesters claim to be pro-choice. How about respecting the choices made by those who joined an all-volunteer military in a time of war?

This exchange took place on Monday in the capitol.

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