Video: Freed accused child rapist does in fact speak English; Update: Prosecutors will appeal Update: Prosecutor video added

On The Big Story Sunday, Julie Banderas and James Rosen discussed the case of accused child rapist Mahamu Kanneh, released because the court couldn’t find a translator to interpret for him in his obscure language. Never mind that Liberia was founded by Americans and English is the official language of that country. Never mind the man completed high school and college in the US, in English.

A Fox producer reached Mr. Kanneh by phone and surprise! he does in fact speak English.


Exit quesion: Do we merely have an incompetent judge in this case, or a broken legal system.

Update (AP): The prosecutor is holding a press conference now to say that they’ll appeal. Carried live on Fox!

Update (Bryan): Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy announced the appeal a little while ago. Takeaways: There was a translator available for the trial, the burden of providing a translator is on the court, and the prosecutors did not stipulate that the defendant even needed a translator.