Sunday Stupid: The CNN/YouTube debate questions

YouTube should post a sign at the top of the first page of questions submitted for Monday night’s debate: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” The top secret team that’s sifting through the pile of questions, rants, false flag lobbying operations and statements dressed as questions must be cursing whoever came up with this idea. I went about 1100 videos in (out of about 2700 total) before concluding that the vast majority of people who submitted questions are a) very, very liberal and b) mostly ignorant or unconsciously self-parodying, c) self-important beyond reason and d) really, really have some problem or other with America. If it’s not racism or religiosity or our warmongerin’ ways, a huge majority of these people are just ticked off at this country about something.

Not all of the questions come out of left field, though. Here are some of the best and worst I came across.

This guy is literally a whiner.

Just a guess, but I guess this person doesn’t support the war in Iraq, and doesn’t see the irony inherent in what she’s advocating in this video:

Shooting tip: Don’t put the cue card above and to the right of the camera.

This guy’s clever question just might sneak into the real debate, if the CNN filters aren’t paying too much attention.

My name is Tim. I live in Vermont. But my I left my heart on Mars.

A false flag lobbyist ad. It looks way too professional.

Here’s another one that I hope sneaks past the CNN filters.

This guy sums up a few of my opinions.

I hate to compare any of these videos to hostage videos, I really do. But…

Is Al Gore still worried about all that ice?

My favorite. This question will never, ever get past the CNN filters. Which is too bad, because it’s a good one.