Video: Bill Richardson compares border fence to Berlin Wall

Gov. Bill Richardson, Democrat candidate for president, is at a house party and is asked — as the very first question — how he would have voted if he’d been in the Senate and the shamnesty bill was on the docket. He says he would have voted “No.” Good for him. But then he launches into a four-point plan that sounds quite a bit like shamnesty.

The Berlin Wall part is at about 1:50 in. If he really thinks that the border fence is analogous to the Berlin Wall, he’s either ignorant of history or lacks basic moral judgment. The Berlin Wall was built to turn East Berlin into a Communist prison; the border fence is meant to secure our country against attack and infiltration. No one who confuses the two should hold any elective office.

This is a terrible symbol. In fact, I remember…when [President Reagan] went up to that wall in Berlin and he said ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.’ I kind of liked the old guy when he did that.

More: Richardson’s comparison between the border fence and the Berlin Wall probably isn’t a result of any moral confusion and it certainly isn’t some off-the-cuff riff that popped out accidentally. It’s a sign that a strategy is being deployed. Call it a “tell” if you like. Because, you see, Richardson isn’t the first and won’t be the last to make this comparison. Folks like him want to make the analogy and make it stick. Why? So they can gradually shame the American people into allowing it to be torn down at some point in the future. Folks like Richardson and Vicente Fox realize that, as things stand now, the American people want border security and favor building a fence. There’s little they can do in the short term to change that. But in the long term, year after year of comparing the fence to the Berlin Wall will have two effects. First, it’ll make many Americans feel guilty for building it. Second, it’ll become one more lefty/Democrat excuse to call Republicans “Nazis.” After all, construction of the fence has begun under a Republican administration. It doesn’t matter that the Republican president doesn’t want the fence. That’ll get lost in the din. What will matter is that there’s a fence, it was begun under a Republican, and it’s “just like the Berlin Wall.” Mark my words on this: Getting the fence built is only half the battle. Keeping it in place is going to be all but impossible if this Berlin Wall analogy is allowed to stand.