Irony Alert: Elizabeth Edwards on strong opinions

The New York Times profiles the Silky Pony’s hard-edged liberal half. Buried deep within the love letter is this nugget on her personality:

Mrs. Edwards said that any impression that she was the 800-pound gorilla of a spouse — second this year perhaps only to another candidate’s spouse who once lived in the White House — resulted from the fact that she was a person given to strong opinions, expressed strongly.

“I sit across the table from all these young people, and I see a colleague who wants something done,” she said. “When they express an opinion with vigor I appreciate that. When I express an opinion with vigor — and I do — I sometimes forget that they are looking at me as a spouse, as someone in an elevated position. My words seem more like a mother scolding you. I admit that I am not always conscious of that, and I should be.”

“But I like it when somebody expresses their view with clarity and force,” she said. “It was Nietzsche or Kierkegaard who said you have to believe in something so strongly that you don’t acknowledge another’s point of view: That’s what real belief is.”


“…I like it when somebody expresses their view with clarity and force…”



That’s not what I hear.

(h/t The Minuteman)

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Jazz Shaw 2:01 PM on December 06, 2023