Video: Ann Coulter gets a little verklempt on Morning Joe Update: ABC debases the political climate

I have to say, I agree with Ann entirely on this.

I toyed with running a poll here the other day, question: “Who’s the sleaziest candidate for president in 2008?” But the answer is so obvious I didn’t bother. Of all the candidates in the running, only one is such an obvious hypocrite, such a lackluster huckster, and has so little actual rationale for his candidacy. John Edwards was a one-term senator who has built his entire political career on his hair on his accent. He looks purty and sounds Southern but he is an empty suit who has morphed into a limousine liberal with San Francisco values, if he has any values at all beyond ambulance-chasing and channeling dead kids to fool juries. He’s a coward who ran away from Fox News and sent his wife out to defend him, a cynical choice that pit a cancer survivor and sufferer against a woman that so many use to practice their daily Two Minutes Hate (though they stretch that to 24/7). He is everything Ann Coulter accuses him of being, and this spat that the Edwards camp has created with her is almost entirely about the fund-raising. And it’s working. It’s secondarily about casting Coulter as a practicioner of “hate speech,” thereby putting more and more criticism of people like Edwards out of bounds, and that’s probably working too, making the resurrection of the Orwellian “Fairness Doctrine” a little bit more possible with each passing day. So Edwards deserves whatever criticisms Coulter has leveled at him, to include accusing him of using the death of his son to promote his political career. No less a right-wing harridan than Bob Shrum has leveled that exact same accusation at him, but the Edwards camp is ignoring that entirely to focus on one of the nutroots’ favorite monsters. They’re cynical sleazebags. They should have won that poll I would have posted by acclamation.


More: I wrote this post in the midst of some site hiccups, so I didn’t get to say everything that I wanted to say. Edwards has the gall to get out there and trot his wife out there to talk about debasing the political climate, yet his campaign (and probably his wife) hired two of the most foul-mouthed, bigoted bloggers and only let them go once the heat got too intense for him, and even then he didn’t do the manly thing and fire them outright. He let them resign. He’s a weakling and a hypocrite. And, Mrs. Edwards posts at dKos and is known to slum at the DU, sites that are filled with visceral hate on a daily basis. So she’s a hypocrite too. They’re made for each other.

Edwards lives in a ginormous McMansion so large that it probably creates its own weather patterns, yet talks about “the poor” and plays up the “my daddy worked in a mill” schtick like he’s a man of the people. He gives $50,000 speeches to the poor about the poor, meanwhile he gets haircuts that cost as much as the new TV that “the poor” buy at Circuit City, and when criticized about the latter he turns that into a fundraising opportunity. His cynicism is only exceeded by his creepiness.

This guy wants to be president and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Putin and Ahmadinejad, but runs like a schoolgirl from Fox interviews (apologies to schoolgirls everywhere, I might add). There is no rationale for his candidacy beyond the lust for power and because he has nothing better to do.


That, more or less, is what I think of John Edwards and his candidacy for the presidency. Every time he shows up on MSNBC to bash Coulter and raise another pile of cash, he proves me right.

Yeah, Ann Coulter’s the problem alright. And MSM journalists aren’t biased, not at all. I guess that’s why these two from ABC want to see Ann Coulter in a “skinny death match.” While playing a certain Elton John song for an exit bump.

But back to Edwards, what we see in him is perhaps a first in history: The living incarnation of cynicism. He is 100% cynicism in human form. He makes Bill Clinton look sincere and he makes Dollar Bill Jefferson look ethical. There’s enough cynicism and in rank hypocrisy in John Edwards to shame and embarass Heidi Fleiss.

That is what I think of John Edwards.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 09, 2023