Hot Air Video: RNC Refund

Our fourth anti-amnesty ad: If the Senate won’t listen, we’ll have to speak its language.

Here’s the blip version, in case YouTube malfunctions.

Here’s the script:

They just don’t listen.

You’ve called, you’ve faxed, you’ve e-mailed your objection to the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill. But they didn’t listen.

Instead, they did the bidding of Big Business. Big Business lobbyists pour cash into politics and fund grand advertising campaigns. Most Americans are limited to small donations and have no voice in the media.

But if you’re a conservative fed up with Republican scheming on this bill, you can do something about it. If you gave to the party in the past year, you can demand your money back. Call the Republican National Committee today and demand a full refund.

If you gave to any senator or congressman in the past year, call their office and demand a full refund.

Money seems to be the one thing our politicians understand.

Maybe they’ll listen if we speak their language.

After you’ve made your refund calls, you can channel some of your anger into constructive work. One, Michelle has the “clay pigeon” amendment and it’s ready to be dug through. Two, you can join the effort that’s already underway in the comments to this post and dig through the Open Secrets archive to expose who owns the senators who voted for cloture today. Let’s expose what they’re doing, expose who owns them, and then cut off their money. If you want to win and kill this bill, this is how to do it.

Photoshop by Cry Havoc.

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