Video: Michelle on The Factor

Tonight’s “Mondays with Michelle & Kirsten” segment tackled two topics: Why liberals hate Fox News so much, and the politics behind illegal immigration.

The answer to the first is easy: Fox is a right-wing mouthpiece for the Bush administration, even though it criticizes Bush as often as anyone and routinely gives air time to Bob Beckel, Pat Caddell, Ellis Henniken, Laura Schwartz and Kirsten Powers, among other notable Democrat strategists. Make sense? If it does, then to borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a liberal.

Make no mistake — there is a lot of white hot rage directed at Fox from many vantages on the left. Since they can’t generate any real rage against Islamic terrorists, and they have the Republicans in self-destruct mode, Fox makes a handy target. Howard Dean threatened to investigate and possibly break up NewsCorp if the voters made him president back in 2004; they wisely demurred. The Democrat presidential candidates made a big show of skittering away from a debate that would have been hosted by Fox earlier this year. Leftwing mau mau mouthpiece Media Matters even wastes a chunk of its Soros money keeping tabs on people who appear on Fox, and criticizes them from the hard, hard left for what they say and do when they appear on FNC. Here’s its dossier on Pat Caddell, for instance, where you’ll learn that David Horowitz once said that Pat Caddell is a “Democrat with a a conscience.” Good to know. Plus Kirsten, that makes two.

The second part of the segment refers to an ongoing battle over immigration politics between O’Reilly and the San Fran Chronicle. The boss gets a nice, good-humored dig in near the end.

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