Sen. Reid and "incompetence"

Remember this?

That’s Senator Harry Reid, referring to illegal aliens as “undocumented Americans.” The comment came straight from his own official web site.

Last Thursday, a day or so after I posted the video here, I rang up Sen. Harry Reid’s office. When the receptionist answered, I asked for someone in the press office. A couple of rings, then a young man picked up.

I identified myself and asked “Does the senator stand by his comment that is currently front and center on his web site, that illegal aliens are ‘undocumented Americans’?”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s all. Does Senator Reid think of illegal immigrants as ‘undocumented Americans’? That’s currently the main video on your web site. Does the senator stand by that characterization?”

At this point, I think it dawned on our young press officer that the comment was a problem, as was its prominent display on the senator’s official web site. If Sen. Reid stood by the comment, then he’s revealed as a man who thinks nothing of American citizenship and following the law. If Reid misspoke, then he’s a boob and his web operation is run by incompetents.

A few seconds of silence followed my question. Then the young press officer started tap dancing.

“Uh, I’ll have to ask about this. Can we get back to you?”

“Of course.”

And I gave him my phone number. Neither the young press officer nor anyone else in Reid’s office ever called me back. But the next day a new video replaced the “undocumented Americans” clip on Reid’s site. Anticipating that Reid’s people would do something like that, I’d already downloaded the clip to post it here. It would have gone down the memory hole otherwise.

That’s the kind of man we have in our Senate Majority Leader. He won’t own up to his mistakes; he just tries to bury them and hope they go away. He hoped his disparaging comments about two of America’s finest generals would just go away. They won’t.

Sen. Harry Reid is a dishonest shill for the nutroots whose approval rating stands at 19%. He is the incompetent leader of a pathetic Democrat-led Senate, the approval rating of which stands at a whopping 23%. For Reid to disparage either Gen. Peter Pace or Gen. David Petraeus, both of whom have given their entire adult lives in service to their country, is a disgrace.

If Reid had any sense of honor or decency, he’d resign. Which means he’ll be in the Senate until the voters of Nevada finally tire of him, or he retires at a ripe old age.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on June 04, 2023