Fred! pwns DNC blog

If you’re a Fred Head, this ought to get your day started off right. Even if you’re not, it’s pretty funny.

The DNC had to close the comment section on their blog post regarding Fred Thompson. In an attempt to bash Thompson, the DNC posted The Fred Thompson “Dummies Guide to Diplomacy”. Check out some of these excerpts from comments from DNC blog visitors.


I dont see your point.
The Mexican upperclass elite do grow richer by riding the backs of the poor. That government does in effect export their own people in order to draw money from US to bolster their economy.

Have the French not jailed people for incorrect speech?

Is Russia not run by ex-KGB? Does not the entire world make jokes about Putin bumping off his enemies?

If you have something rotten to say about Thompson, something of substance and not based on the pure desire to trash a Republican – let’s hear it.

Did he say he hated kittens? That might be something to fuss about.


We can’t be contrary just because a Republican said it’s so, or because it may seem indelicate. The American people are sick and tired of indirect, overly calculated answers. On this issue Thompson is speaking the truth and if we are foolish enough to tap dance around Putin’s conduct, we will alienate voters.


What’s wrong with what Fred Thompson said here?

If you all think Fred Thompson is out of line then the democrats ARE really out of touch and I’m on the wrong Blog!!!


Old School

There’s more at the first link. These comments and others like them evidently caused the DNC to close comments on the post. To which I say–



Update: So now comments are back on again over at the DNC blog, and they’re saying that this post is “whining” about CENSORSHIP for closing comments off. Uh, this ain’t whining, Democrats. It’s mockery. Get used to it.

As for why the comments were off and now on again, they’re saying that the comments on posts get turned off automatically after a while. Could be, I suppose. A lot of blogs do that. But if they can’t tell the difference between a whine and a backhanded mock, or if they’re just claiming a whine to try and score a cheap point, I’m not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt here. And they’re the party organ for the DNC, so that’s two strikes against them.

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