The JFK plot: Echoes of the future Updated

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross looks at the JFK terror plot:

ONE SIGNIFICANT ASPECT of the complaint is what it suggests about the threat of terrorist infiltration through our southern border. Within analytic circles there is a near consensus that America’s northern border poses far more of a threat of terrorist infiltration than the southern border. This view is detailed at length in Richard Miniter’s Disinformation, which explains that al Qaeda has had a long-term presence in Canada, and that attempted terrorist entry from the northern border will be aided by “a political climate far different from Mexico–one that actually defends accused terrorists.”

In contrast, Miniter writes that “there are no known cases of al Qaeda terrorists sneaking across the Mexican border.” …

But the JFK criminal case may challenge these conclusions. All of the arrested plotters hail from South America and the Caribbean: Russell Defreitas is a U.S. citizen from Guyana; “Amir” Kareem Ibrahim is a citizen of Trinidad; and Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur are citizens of Guyana. Seven unindicted coconspirators are also mentioned in the complaint, designated Individuals A through G. Six of these unindicted coconspirators are from Guyana; the seventh hails from Trinidad.

Besides the geographic origin of the plotters, their plan for moving terrorists into the United States is also significant. In paragraph 16 of the complaint, Individual A (whom some intelligence sources suspect may be Adnan El Shukrijumah) mentioned that in addition to plotting to strike the United States where it would do the most harm, he was working on a plan “to smuggle individuals, including mujahideen, from Asia into Guyana and then into the United States.” The fact that he wanted to transport terrorists through Guyana into the U.S. may well cause analysts to rethink the terrorist threat emanating from the southern border.


The notion that because no known al Qaeda have slipped across the southern border means that it can’t happen — or hasn’t happened already — is itself simplistic. It’s not just the porous border itself that’s a cause for concern when it comes to terrorism; it’s the criminal enterprises and networks that operate and thrive because of the porous border, that can aid and abet terrorism, that add to the total threat. Criminal smuggling rings can and probably have assisted terrorists entering and obtaining illicit supplies across the border. Drug rings are known to operate across the border; a ring that’s bringing in cheese heroin today can bring in something even more lethal tomorrow. And the fake ID trade actually fostered 9-11 itself. This, we know for a fact.

Besides, al Qaeda isn’t the only terrorist group that wants to strike us here. Hezbollah comes to mind, especially as tensions with its masters in Iran increase.

Daveed’s article is the best look yet at the JFK plot and its implications for border security and the evolution of al Qaeda. Read the whole thing.

More: In comments, flipflop reminded me to remind you about the Hezbollah presence in South America. True. Here’s a post about that, and here’s a Vent on Hezbollah in Venezuela. That’s a part one–we did two.


It’s also probably a good time to be reminded of the support for Hezbollah that’s right in Washington, DC.

That video is from an ANSWER rally opposing Israel’s right to defend itself against Hezbollah rocket attacks, attacks that sparked last summer’s war in southern Lebanon. Those kids live here and are being taught that Hezbollah is a collection of heroes. I doubt that they came here across either of our borders illegally. Their parents probably came here through the front door. But they’re here and they openly support our enemies.

More: Kris Kobach reports that the Z visas will be a terrorist fast track if passed.

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David Strom 6:31 PM on November 27, 2023