Audio: Laura Ingraham vs Grover Norquist

Did you know that Grover Norquist doesn’t support the immigration bill? I didn’t, and this quote doesn’t make it seem like he opposes the bill at all.

However, the Senate bill has key conservative supporters, including Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, who echoed Mr. Bush’s position in a debate this week when he said that opposition to the immigration bill was “bad for America and … bad for the country.”
In an interview this week, Mr. Norquist said the immigration issue is not “a vote-moving issue” for Republicans.
“We need to constantly speak to what the country needs,” Mr. Norquist told The Washington Times.
“Mass deportations? People don’t want that. You should speak to the American people, not to radio talk-show hosts,” said Mr. Norquist, who said that the Senate bill’s opponents are “a handful of loud people who talk about it loudly.”

Norquist appeared on the Laura Ingaham Show today to ‘splain himself.