RAF goes PC

The West seems to be trying to kill off its warrior culture, one stupid bureaucratic decision at a time.

In killer heels and little else, they have a definite deadly charm.

But the risque images of women that have decorated warplanes since the First World War have been scrubbed out.

The Ministry of Defence has decreed they could offend the RAF’s female personnel.

Officials admitted they had no record of any complaints from the 5,400 women in the RAF…

Commanders decided the images were sexist and insisted there was no place for them in the modern armed forces.

There was also concern that they could cause offence in a muslim country where until 2001 all women were forced to wear the head-to-toe burkha in public.

Well, there’s your solution, mates: Put the nose-art ladies in burkhas. Of course ou’ll have to put your female military personnel in burkas too eventually…and your fashion models…and your wives and daughters…

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on April 01, 2023