Video: Reid calls illegals "12 million undocumented Americans" Update: video added

Sen. Harry Reid calls the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants “12 million undocumented Americans” in the video embedded prominently on the front page of his web site right now. Giving the video that position removes the possibility that Reid merely misspoke. It’s what he meant to say.

Which means that he’s far, far out in front on the amnesty gambit. He already thinks of anyone who gets here by hook or by crook as an American, a citizen.

Update: Here’s the video, in case Reid’s people decide to pull it.

(h/t Andrew’s Dad)

Update (06/06/07): Reid’s site is featuring an energy independence video now. I put in a call to his office today to ask whether the Senator stands by his “undocumented Americans” remark. They’re…getting back to me on that.

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