Video: WSJ editorial board gleefully slanders conservatives

This vid has been making the rounds, but we haven’t posted it here and it is a must-watch. If you oppose the shamnesty bill, prepare to be insulted, called a racist, and generally dismissed as a crank.

JunkYardBlog sums it up well:

Rather than acknowledging (let alone refuting) our claims about national security, social services, human rights and working conditions for near-indentured servants, they’re content to adjudge us all know-nothings. It’s much easier to fling around these baseless smears of racism at National Review and “the Right”.* It’s called race-baiting, and it’s a term the WSJ understands quite well. As outspoken conservatives, these men know full well how infuriating groundless accusations of racism are, and yet they’re surprised that Mark Levin, or more broadly, the party base, don’t just sit there and take it with a smile.

We all know that feeling quite well these days.

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David Strom 8:01 AM on February 03, 2023