Univ of Colorado prez: Fire Churchill Updated: with Brown's report

I think this is the third time someone or some group has recommended that nutty professor Ward Churchill — fake Indian, fake artist, smear artist, plagiarist, and fragging advocatebe fired from his tenured perch in Boulder. What it will take to actually get him fired is anyone’s guess.

The president of the University of Colorado has recommended that a professor who likened some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi should be fired, according to the professor and the school.

Ward Churchill, a tenured professor of ethnic studies, has denied the allegations and threatened a lawsuit if he is dismissed.

CU President Hank Brown made the recommendation in a 10-page letter sent to the chair of the committee that handles tenure issues. University spokeswoman Michele McKinney confirmed published reports about the recommendation Monday but said the school would not make the letter public.

The university’s governing Board of Regents would have the final say on whether Churchill is fired or disciplined. It could be several weeks before the case ends up in its hands; the tenure panel must review it first.

The Nazi to whom Churchill compared the victims of 9-11 was Adolf Eichmann. Or Ricardo Klement, as he was known in Argentina.

If the University has any academic and behavioral standards at all, Churchill will eventually be fired for real. And then he’ll sue.

Update: Univ of Colorado President Hank Brown issued a memo recommending that Churchill be dismissed. It’s linked in this story about Brown’s decision, and asking whether Churchill is a poster-boy for academic freedom. Puh-lease, the man’s a fake on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. Brown’s memo is thorough and leaves no doubt that Churchill is a fraud and a whole lot else. Here are a couple of passages from the report.

Ward Churchill report quote 1

Ward Churchill report page 2

After reading the devastating Brown report, I’m struck by how schlerotic the process of dismissal for a tenured professor is in the U of CO system. I suppose the point of tenure is job security with academic freedom, but in clear cases of fraud and deception like this one it ought to be easier to bounce someone like Churchill out.

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