Fact-checking Plame

Byron York has a memo that definitively answers the question, Did Valerie Plame recommend her husband Joseph Wilson for a trip to Niger to investigate reports that Iraq was interested in purchasing yellow cake uranium from Niger?

The answer is yes. And she recommended him the day before VP Cheney called on the CIA to inquire about that same Niger-Iraq story.

Which, among other things, means that she may have committed the same crime for which Scooter Libby is currently on trial. Only, if it turns out that she committed perjury, her crime led to the investigation that led to the Libby trial.

But she’s not on trial.

More: This bit:

her crime led to the investigation that led to the Libby trial.

Isn’t accurate, so I’ll give it another go. Plame’s action–recommending her husband for the trip–led to the trip itself. Wilson’s inaccurate statements after the trip, both about Iraq’s interest in Niger and on his wife’s role in recommending him for the trip, led to the “outing” of Plame. That led to the investigation that has put Libby on trial for perjury, but not for outing Plame. The man who actually outed Plame to Novak, Richard Armitage, isn’t now and apparently never was in any kind of legal jeopardy. Plame’s perjury regarding her role in recommending Wilson for the trip, if perjury is what it was, would have been an attempt to cover up her role in the affair once she had been named by Bob Novak. But it didn’t lead to the investigation. It may have obstructed the investigation, though.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022