Audio: Michelle debates the immigration bill with Tamar Jacoby on Laura Ingraham's show

Give open-borders advocate Tamar Jacoby credit for appearing on the show today, knowing that both Michelle and Laura are not fans of her stance or the amnesty bill that’s being weighed and/or rammed through Congress.

While I strongly disagree with Jacoby’s stance on this bill and illegal immigration generally (and as the husband of an immigrant, open-borders advocates make chumps of those of us who follow the law), you don’t hear civilized battles like this on the left. Michelle, Laura and Jacoby all acquit themselves well, though Laura and Michelle have the better factual, logical and legal arguments. It’s simply absurd to believe that a government that’s proven itself incapable of tracking illegals now will be able to track the touchbacks, and it’s beyond incomprehensibly unfair to strip out the back-taxes provision from the bill, as President Bush has done, giving illegals a free ride that citizens do not and will not ever get. He’s proven himself untrustworthy on the issue, and open borders advocates never address that or the government’s long record of promising enforcement and delivering bupkis.

And what makes anyone think that people who have been “living in the shadows” for years will pay up to get out of the shadows? It’s an unreasonably optimistic assumption, and isn’t supported by history at all.

If the open borders folks want to earn some trust, how about starting a few miles from the White House and down the street from one of the Bushes’ favorite restaurants? Fix the day labor center that facilitated 9-11, and then we’ll talk about some of the other Christmas gifts you guys want to hand out at our expense.