Video: Fox covers the Christian-Newsom murders on BYA

Because you asked, the horrific story we reported earlier this week has gotten mainstream coverage:

Now let’s keep our eyes on the trials and hope for justice.

Update: Here’s a report on the lack of reporting on the crime, from a Memphis TV station. InstaPundit makes a cameo:

Glenn Reynolds, a University of Tennessee law professor who operates Instapundit, a top current events and commentary blog, said he was branded an apologist by those bloggers after he wrote that he had seen no evidence the killings were a hate crime.

However, he said, “I think it is totally true if the races of the perpetrators and the victims were reversed, the press would make a bigger deal about it. I think some people (journalists) have been hanging back for fear of inflaming things.”

It is completely unfair to label him an apologist on this. Like Glenn, we haven’t taken the position that the crime was a hate crime (a category of crime that we don’t even need, incidentally). We don’t know whether it was a hate crime or not, and the press has been entirely incurious on the subject. We have taken the position that the press has under-reported the crime, but that seems to be changing now.

(thank you to my wife, without whom I wouldn’t have caught this clip, and to Allah for clipping and editing it)

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