Video: Michelle talks Akon on The Factor

On tonight’s Factor O’Reilly admitted to being wrong about something he was actually more or less right about last week, Ted Kennedy’s immigration stance and its stated toughness in relation to what Kennedy actually plans to get passed, before the trio of Bill, Kirsten and Michelle segued into last week’s brief battle over rapper Akon and his former sponsors at Verizon.

Hey Akon…can you hear me now?

It is Akon, Bill. Ay-kahn. Not Eichorn or Acorn. Just trying to be helpful. Michelle gives a shout-out to Debbie Schlussel and Laura Ingraham, who were both instrumental in Verizon’s decision to sever its relationship with Akon. Takeaway: Akon is nowhere to be found on Kirsten’s iPod.

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