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Folks, we made a difference. After our post about Virgin Atlantic airing the 9-11 conspiracy film Loose Change 2 as in-flight entertainment last night, the producer of Andrew Wilkow’s Sirius satellite radio show decided to make a phone call to Virgin Atlantic to protest the decision. Here’s what happened.


This is Nick Rizzuto the Producer of Andrew Wilkow’s show. I’ve spoken to Virgin Atlantic’s Press folks, a gentleman named Paul Charles. After a heated 20 minute conversation where I threatened to spread this information throughout the conservative media and promised them a media firestorm and PR poison, they have decided not to show the film.

Nice work, Nick. Very nice.

More: I was among many who sent emails to Virgin Atlantic to protest Loose Change. Here’s one reader’s email to the airline.

Hi – I thought since that since Virgin Airlines was going to give us a “chance to make up ‘your’ own minds” with regard to the 9/11 attacks on America, by showing the “Loose Change” movie inflight, we all would greatly appreciate seeing the works of Leni Riefenstahl so we could “make up our minds” about Nazis. And, how about all those wonderful German documentaries from 1939-1945 showing how subhumans are destroying European culture, and how Germania is a bulwark against the Bolshevik hordes and jazz-spouting American apes. We could really “make up our own minds” then. And, why stop there? Let’s see some classic Soviet films about Comrade Lenin and Comrade Stalin and the wonderful workers paradise and the marvelous 5-Year plans, so we can “make up our own minds” about the Soviet Gulags, etc. And, there’s also the glorious “Cultural Revolution” where we can “make up our minds” about how the People’s Army will free the people from the tyrannical control of the Capitalist American dogs. We could “make up our own minds” after that, too!!! Oh boy!

Loose Change? Pathetic.

– Mike H., Irvine, CA


Well said.

Update: Here’s audio from the Wilkow show.

More: Wilkow makes a salient point in that clip: What is Virgin thinking in airing a film on airplanes about hijackings? Why air a documentary that will scare already nervous passengers. It’s just a bad idea apart from the appalling film in question.

More: Statement from Virgin Atlantic–

We will not be showing Loose Change 2 on our aircraft. We don’t show movies or documentaries that cause mass offence and there is a danger with this movie that viewers, although they have the choice over what to watch and when on our flights, may be offended. Virgin Atlantic is known for showing the latest movies and media trends on its multi award-winning inflight entertainment system and we believe travellers have the right to choose from as wide a choice as possible.

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